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Why Exhibit

The exhibition is the longest, largest and most influential exhibition, exchange and trading activities held by the domestic construction machinery industry. It began in October 1982, and has been held for 37 years in 47 cities of 23 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government. It has witnessed the booming and rapid development of China's machinery industry.


At the same time, the first digital Twin Research Report and application of PC construction safety and wisdom, building safety and equipment management risk prevention Summit Forum will also be launched here.

Last Review

The 2018 Fair was held at the international level Taihu International Expo Center in Wuxi. More than 150 manufacturing enterprises participated in the exhibition, including three indoor pavilions and outdoor squares, and 1200 standard exhibition booths. The exhibition area exceeded 30,000 square meters, with tens of thousands of visitors and traders at home and abroad. The conditions of exhibition and the effect of exhibition are remarkable, and they are praised by many parties.

All-round and multi-channel audience invitation plan to ensure the presence of professional buyers:

1. Sedimentation of many years of high-quality professional-level construction machinery and mining machinery distribution units, related construction units, construction machinery and mining equipment leasing units

2. Invite buyers: machinery manufacturing, hardware, chemical industry, building materials, construction machinery and so on.

3. The organizers set up call centers to invite audiences by telephone and screen them layer by layer to ensure that the buyers present are more targeted and professional. Professional overseas audience organization team will invite high-quality buyers from Southeast Asia, Indonesia and Malaysia to meet the needs of various exhibitors.

4. Using high-quality audience database and authoritative media industry data, mass invitations, faxes, short messages, e-mails are sent to all target audiences for carpet invitations.