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Exhibit Profile

  (1) Construction machinery and accessories:

Excavation machinery, shovel transport machinery (including loaders, bulldozers, graders, scrapers, dumpers, etc.)Compaction and pavement machinery (including roller, paver, stabilizer, pavement construction equipment, compactor, etc.)Pile MachineryLifting machinery (including tower crane, truck crane, crawler crane, building hoist, etc.)Lifting machinery (including external wall construction elevator, lifting platform)Concrete machineryReinforcement and Prestressing MachineryDecoration machineryMaintenance and Cleaning Equipment for Steel FormworkStraightening and Maintenance Equipment for Scaffold PipeMunicipal, sanitation, gardening machinery

       (2)Mining machinery and accessories:

Crushing machinery (including cone crusher, jaw crusher, bar crusher, impact crusher, etc.)Grinding machinery (barrel mill, including bar mill, ball mill, gravel mill and self-grinding machine, etc.)Screening machineConstruction waste treatment equipment; other mining machinery products related to construction and construction.